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Our Vision

Being a company that has constantly evolved to contribute to society by carrying out corporate social responsibility.

Our Mission

Emporium Ramai Ramai will continue to strive to:

Reasonable  : Offering sales of goods and services of quality at an affordable price.
Amiable  : Fostering  a culture of customer-friendly by giving friendly and efficient service to customer.
Motivation : Improve employee motivation and leadership to be more focused and productive in carrying out their duties.
Appreciate : Appreciate the support of the community to contribute in the form of charitable funds in the hope of benefit to society.
Inspiration : Recognition received from the government as the source of the title takes for the company to move forward and be more competitive to meet customer needs.

Our Staff

Our people are our greatest asset. Many of our pioneering staff members are still with our organization. Today we are 120 strong. Many too have attained their 10th, 15th, and 20th, years of service. Honesty, Trust, Integrity are the byword of staff. It is instilled within the whole spectrum of Emporium Ramai Ramai.

Leadership by example from the top down to all level of our organization.


The best training is on the spot and on the job. Here the seniors guide the juniors and the new recruits. The emphasis is always serving the customers the correct way: politely and with a smile Customers come first and so our motto :

Ren Ren Wei Wo, Wo Wei Ren Ren , 人人为我 ‘ 我为人人”.

All our employees are encouraged to attend courses whenever possible. The current emphasis is computer literacy.